A Home Based Business is Perfect For Financial Growth

The goal in a given state should be to have as many home business opportunities available for people who were previously unemployed as possible. A home based business can really spur economic growth. It can also spur some badly needed creativity in a given area. A lot of given states need a lot of economic development right now. There are a lot of states who need a lot of dollars and economic development in order to get back on their feet.You can start a business at home in any number of states. All of the states in the union are looking for a way to spark commerce. The best state in the union to start a business in very well may be the state of Virginia. Former Governor and current United States Senator Mark Warner left the business climate in very good shape during his one term as Governor. Warner was very proud of the job he did with economic development during his one term as Governor. A Governor is only allowed to serve one term at a given time as Governor of Virginia.You want to start your home based business in a state with a very good tax situation. You do not want to start your company in a state that has too high of a tax rate. You do not want to see the profits from your business taxed into oblivion. If you lived in Virginia under Governor Mark Warner, this certainly would not have happened. The state of North Dakota has a very low unemployment rate, certainly in comparison to the rest of the nation. This could partially be because of the very low and reasonable business and corporate tax rates that the state has.Governor John Hoeven would want you to start your business at home in the state of North Dakota. You can even take the time to start a home business that sells replacement windows in the state of North Dakota. Hoeven tries to make his state as business friendly as he possibly can.Jennifer Granholm is willing to listen to ideas on how to create more home based businesses in the state of Michigan. Is she willing to give the tax incentives necessary to spur the necessary economic development and creativity it takes to create a business from home? She simply may not be willing to do soThe people of Ohio see the huge amount of unemployment they are suffering through on a statewide basis and the hope is that home based businesses will play a role in alleviating some of this problem. People will have to band together in order to form successful companies.The public sector employees such as Congressman do not have all of the answers. The private sector is truly the people who have the majority of the answers. This is certainly true when it comes to home based businesses. Dingell and Stupak want to support small businesses.A home based business can be a great tool for economic development. You need a lot of office supplies in order to properly run a home based business. This means that the retailers can make a lot of money off of the fact that you run a business. It can be good for business to business commerce.To get the newest legitimate home based business for your home, you want the best source of information. Many websites can point you in the directions you want to go to start a home based business.

The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams Review

The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams

Children and adult alike have fantasies and dreams of watching toys come to life and watch them live and learn new things. In fact, there are plenty of books written with this kind of theme and idea. One particular book is The Velveteen Rabbit, a children’s book written by Margery Williams and illustrated by William Nicholson.

This book has been around since 1922, the year of its first publication. The book has been adapted into several animation and film adaptation. The story is one of the best-know book written by Margery Williams and it has been republished many times since its first appearance in the book market. It can be purchased at Amazon.

The book is loved by both children and adult because of its heartwarming story. The book is captivating and touching that it will pull at your heartstrings. It is a story worth keeping in one’s memory and worth retelling to the future generation.

The story is about loving unconditionally, even if the one you love is not real. The story revolves around a boy who receives a velveteen rabbit as a Christmas present. He grew so fond of the toy that he loved it so much the toy slowly came to life and became real.

As time passed, the rabbit losses it grandeur and became shabbier. But this didn’t stop the boy from loving it even more. The rabbit also learns new things in life when he discovers the world with his owner.

However, the boy gets sick and all his toys must be burned to disinfect the boy’s nursery. While waiting to be burned at the bonfire, the rabbit sheds real tears and he was transformed into a real rabbit by the Nursery Magic Fairy.

The rabbit’s former owner sees him the next spring and believes that he is the rabbit he once played with.

Readers will be touched with this heartfelt story as it teaches you that all things in life can be loved no matter what state they are in. One memorable line in the book is, “… Once you are real, you can’t become unreal again. It lasts forever.”

One can really learn new things even if you’ll learn it through a children’s book. It is not really surprising, knowing that you will learn things even from toys and animals.

This book is perfect for toy lovers and children at heart who believes that there is a chance for toys to become real and alive. It is a sentimental story you will keep in your memories and treasure box.

The Velveteen Rabbit has received a lot of positive reviews. Readers and customers who purchased the book in Amazon praised it for its elegance.

Bizzie Lizzie has been quoted saying, “The Velveteen Rabbit is a classic. Beautifully written and a joy to read, for both adults and children. This one’s definitely going to stay on my bookshelves! The illustrations are beautiful too. I’ve been waiting to get this for a while. Worth waiting for.”

Ginny Britton, another reader of The Velveteen Rabbit found it a ‘lovely book’. She commented on how the book was beautifully illustrated.”My 3 year old loves it, and so do I. A firm favorite with a wonderful helping of magic about it.”

Readers of the book have created a connection with it that one said that she does not want to give it away, “This edition is absolutely charming, printed on quality paper and beautifully illustrated – the sort of book you want to keep on your bookshelf from childhood and forever – the story has a magical message for everyone no matter what age and this edition is.”

But not all books are perfect. Some people will find flaws in it. In addition, most of the negative review on the book was that, the illustration and the quality of the book material was not what they had anticipated or had in mind.

One example of a negative comment on the book is a review on found in Amazon.“Being a children’s book I was disappointed at the lack of illustrations and those that were included were lacking color. This was not what I expected in light of the price of the book.”

However, no matter good reviews or bad about the quality of the illustration and the materials used in the publication of the book, it is still worth purchasing. It is a timeless story. One worth keeping and displaying in your collection of classic books.

Remember that it is not really the paper or the cover of the book that counts. It is the message hidden between the lines of this enchanting story that had transcended through generation and still alive in the memories of those who had found joy in reading and discovered the magic this story brings.

The Velveteen Rabbit is a must read. You are never too old for a children’s book. You are never too young to discover magic that stories can bring.

The ColorFeeling Picture Book Series Written by Esther Adler and Illustrated by Shrutkirti Kaushal

Book Review by Carla M. Paton

I have a background in Child Education and Development and a Masters in Psychology, and I found these books to be quite remarkable. In a world that rewards and prioritizes thinking skills over emotions and feelings, anytime we can encourage children to recognize and process their emotions, we are giving them and ourselves a great gift.

This series, written for ages three to eight, helps children focus on one emotion at a time. One of the ways that the books do this is by associating one color with one feeling per book. For example, in the Angry book, the color focus is red. Red for red-in-the-face, hot-tempered, and other fiery reactions that we see reflected in Lion’s flaming mane and features. Sad is associated with blue, Happy with yellow, and Jealous with green. Another way that the books help children to process their feelings is by showing how emotions express themselves physically. For example, in the Sad book, the blue Dinosaur’s body “feels tired and heavy.”

It is one thing to recognize feelings, and another to cope with them. All of the books demonstrate coping skills. In the second half of each book, the book asks the reader questions to consider such like what happens when they feel jealous, sad, happy, or angry. Then the child reader is given a series of things they can effectively do to work through the emotions in a constructive way. For example, in the Jealous book, the green jealous snake is shown asking Lion, “Can I play with your toy airplane?” and the caption that accompanies this picture is, “When I feel jealous I can ask to share.”

Another method that the books employ for helping children to work with their emotions is to have them work through interactive activities and with the aid of free worksheets. The quiet introspection and thought that the worksheet activities provide will give children a depth of reinforcement beyond the time spent with the colorful, charming characters.

In all the books, children will be happy to see all four of the characters returning and interacting in similar attractive scenes. When Lion, Chick, Dinosaur, and Snake look at themselves in their reflections, and in turn to ask the child reader, “What makes you angry, happy, sad, or jealous?” We can be sure that the question is taken to heart and that the answers will help and heal long after these delightful books are tucked away for the night. In conclusion, I give this book series my highest recommendations.