Tracking Down a Long Lost Friend

When author Ginal LoBiondo was just a little girl she, like many other children, had a toy bear. She loved him and cared for him. Like most children she took her little bear everywhere she went. But, there came a day when Gina grew up and her parents felt she was to old to have a bear and they put him in a garage sale.

Now, in the present day, Gina is all grown up and writing books for children. She has been writing books for sometime now. All of her books have a heartfelt feel about them that children and parents come to love. The idea occurred to write her story “Button Nose The Sad Little Bear” when she decided to search for her long lost bear. She discovered him on eBay after a search that lasted over two years. As an adult, she often wondered what had happened to him and finding him was like a dream come true.

Asides from the cute illustrations, her book also has real photos of her family, the bear and Gina holding her soft cuddly bear. Gina decided to write the book from the point of view of Button Nose. If a bear had feelings, what might he be thinking or feeling each time he was sold at a garage sale or an antique collectibles shop is the message she wanted to convey. This is not an unusual point of view for a toy in a story. Young children assume that their favorite toys can see, hear and feel.

In addition to writing, Gina is also a book collector. She loves the Heidi and Cinderella books and has a nice selection of varied editions. These books take her back to fond memories of her childhood. She had trouble learning to read as a child and these books helped her find the interest and passion that she currently has for reading and writing stories for children.

Gina has already completed her next book for children. She has decided to share her version of “Cinderella” which is quite fitting since she loves the story so much. Readers of “Button Nose” will get a sneak peek of “Cinderella” a two-act play that teachers will especially love. The full-length two act state play that the book is based on, is Gina’s first major writing project. A synopsis of the story reads “When Charles marries Vera, his daughter Ella is treated like a servant. Years later, her only chance at happiness comes from a most unexpected source.”

Gina started Nephthys Publications so that she could someday help other writers publish their work. Her advice to new writers is to never give up. If you enjoy heartfelt stories then you will love “Button Nose The Sad Little Bear.”