Books That You Love To Read About Chickens

Chickens are identified as the subspecies of the red jungle fowl. Over the years they have been illustrated in a number of children’s books. In many tales, chickens are portrayed as having positive virtues and are in stories of bravery, maternal love or industrious labor. Because of their traits, feathered hens are represented as less desirable in many books. In many stories, roosters and hens are respectively portrayed as brash and cowardly. Let’s go through the following instances of children’s story books in which the barnyard fowl are illustrated as a leading character.

If you want to know the way how hens used to practice with humans for harvesting and planting pumpkins, you can read Chicken Said, “Cluck!” This book will let you know how the “cluck, cluck, cluck” of chickens used to save the plants from the reaches of some harmful insects like grasshoppers.

Another interesting book that children can try reading is Little Red Hen. In this book you can see how the story progresses as the hen tries to incorporate her lazy pals in a task to plant the seeds, cut the wheat, carry them to the mill and reach the farm with a bag full of flour. Children find it interesting the way she asks the idle dog, drowsy cat and a loud duck for their assistance in baking the bread. Accordingly each of them comes out to help the little hen. Finally, she decides to manage the bread all by herself.

Children can also read the story of Chicken Little, a story which has been published in several versions. The leading characters in this book include Chicken Little, Henny-Penny and Cocky-Locky. Though the birds depicted in this story do not illustrate a good sense, “The sky is falling” has been famed as one of the catchiest phrases in the history of literature.

In one of the versions of Chicken Little, you will find how an oak nut strikes Chicken Little on his head while walking in the woods. Out of anger he starts flying assuming that the sky is falling over him. Then he decides to meet with the king to explain everything. Later on his way, he shares the instance with Ducky-Lucky and Henny-Penny, who finally gets convinced that this is an alarm of a possible disaster. When the group discusses the story with Foxey-Loxey, he tricks them into entering his cave for dinner.

There are several other books based on a rooster who forgot how to brag. One such readable number is “Cock-a-Doodle-Moo!” This book tells you the funny story how the bird forgets to crow and finally manages to save the farm from the reach of a cunning fox.

In addition to these books that your child can enjoy reading, you can also make it all funny for them by reading aloud. You can also find some audio versions and picture books of “The Little Red Hen,” “Cock-A-Doodle-Moo!” or “Chicken Little.”