The Top 7 Great Reasons to Use EBooks for Kids

An eBook is a book in an electronic format that is downloaded to a computer, laptop or PDA. It looks exactly like a book and has numbered pages, pictures, graphics and a table of contents. As the world becomes obsessed with electronic gadgets, eBooks are gaining popularity amongst adults and children.

Most kids love to play video and computer games, so introducing them to the world of eBooks should be a simple progression. Children love interacting on the computer and they can do this while reading an eBook. This allows them to see books in a totally new light.

eBooks can be books that your children read on their own, or they may be books that you read aloud to them together. They can be found in novel format, fiction, non-fiction and animated picture books. There are also a number of online book sites to open the world of reading to your child at an early age. The following are seven great reasons to use eBooks for kids.

1) Introduces Them to the World of Technology – Reading an eBook allows you to teach your child how to utilize today’s technology. Kids are obsessed with electronic gadgets and will be thrilled to learn how to use the keyboard. This is also an excellent way to give your kids a head start and prepare them for entering school.

2) Colorful Display and Pictures – eBooks for kids promotes learning through its vibrant colorful and picture display on the computer. It also holds their interest for a longer period of time.

3) Click on a Link – eBooks provide links to additional information and is an excellent tool for added learning. If they are unsure of a word or would like to learn more information, they can click on the link and gain additional knowledge. This is an excellent way to make learning fun.

4) Save a Tree – You can teach your child the importance of saving the environment by utilizing ebooks. The books are downloaded safely to your computer and cutting down trees is not a requirement to manufacture a book.

5) eBooks for Kids Can Be Read Anywhere – If you and your child find yourselves with unexpected free time, an eBook can come in handy. This is especially true if your eBooks are downloaded to a PDA and you can carry it with you at all times. eBooks are an excellent way to keep your child occupied with entertaining educational materials and not seek out mischief.

6) Indestructible – Traditional books can tatter, fade and tear. eBooks for kids can last for decades and be passed down from generation to generation. They are also easily transported and shared with others.

7) No Waiting – eBooks for kids can be delivered almost immediately. You can show your kids how easy it is to purchase an eBook, download it and begin to read it within a matter of minutes. You don’t have to go to the bookstore or wait for them to arrive in the mail either.

Reading to children at an early age benefits them into adulthood. eBooks for kids will help keep them interested in reading. This will also help them be better equipped during their job seeking years and have a brighter outlook for their future.

Illustrations Have Great Importance in Children’s Books

The essence of illustration is highly found in children’s books. Children always welcome the art of imagination to written texts. They are always attracted t the world of colors and visual fascinations that comes in the form of cartoon and comic illustrations.

Illustrations do not have its existence alone but they are created to complement any piece of writing to provide a better understanding and clear idea of what is delivered through the contents, whether they come in the form of bedtime stories or funny children’s movies. The illustration is actually the literature itself as the drawings created are directly focused on the idea of the literature provided. Whether they come in the form of funny cartoon characters or depict a historical event, children are taken to a world of imagination where they feel like their favorite characters are given new faces and emotions. Children have a better perception of the story when they go through the illustrations and will get to know the emotions and moods of the characters by the very glance itself. Thus, it saves the time for reading and the effort for understanding things better. They can develop their sense of imagination and observation quickly which aid the overall mental development of the children.

Since small children always require another person, especially their mother to read the stories for them, the cartoon illustrations can be easily understood by them without getting the help of any other. This will give them a power of self-confidence and self-dependability. They will love to acquire knowledge about the cultural and historical heritage easily through cartoon illustrations. Cartoon illustrations are also the best place for them to enjoy humorous situations in their life. It will help in developing the reading habit of children without any pressure. Since a child is always sensitive to colorful pictures, they can understand thing even before they start speaking. They can identify persons easily and can enhance the ability to turn pages. They can also get to know different colors and the color of the objects. Thus, book illustration offers a wonderful way for pre-school children to develop their communicative and cognitive functions. Accurate and perfectly illustrated images can thus have good effect on the development stage of a child.

Enid Blyton a Great Children’s Books Writer From England and Writing of "Children of Green Meadows"

Enid Blyton is a famous children’s writer who endeared herself to growing children with almost 600 books. She also created a series of books on a set of characters like the Famous Five and the Secret Seven. Her novels always focused on children as the main characters who solved many crimes and mysteries, much before the Police could do. Enid Blyton was born in 1897 and died in 1968 of Alzheimer’s disease.

Enid Blyton and Writing of “Children of Green Meadows”

Enid Blyton also loved animals and this love found itself translated into a number of books. One of the more famous books is “Children at Green Meadows”. In the novel, Green Meadows is a large rambling house in a dilapidated condition, as the owners do not have enough money to repair it. The parents want to sell it, but granny who owns the house is dead set against it.

The Story

The Marshal family that resides in this dilapidated structure has 3 children named Francis, Claire and Sam. The father is confined to a wheelchair and looked after by his loving wife. He had suffered an injury during Hitler’s war. The children have no animals as pets but love animals and would love to have a few. The story picks up when a large apartment complex comes up near their house. This complex has a rule that no pets are allowed. Enid now weaves a lovely tale as the people coming to live in the apartment complex have pets and as they can’t keep them in the apartment complex, the children volunteer to keep them.

The children with support from granny soon build up a mini menagerie. The beauty of the book lies in the way Enid brings out the golden heart of the family, who will not accept any cash to keep the animals, but the owners find ways to compensate the kids and the Marshall household. This makes for a heartwarming story that is sure to touch the chords of a child as well as an adult.

The message Enid sends out is that good children will have good coming their way. This novel is not as famous as the other books of Enid Blyton like the famous five series and the secret seven series, but in its own way, it’s a lovely touching tale that engages the reader from start to finish. The book abounds in sentimentalism and a reader is sure to feel a lump in his throat.

Enid Blyton: Personal Life

Enid Blyton was born in 1897 and died in 1968. As a child, she was greatly attached to her father and it was a traumatic experience for her when he left the family to live and sleep with another woman. This probably affected her badly. Though she was married she started having a string of love affairs. She divorced her first husband and in 1943 married a second time to a man named Darrell Waters. She took the unprecedented step of changing the surname of her two daughters from her first marriage to Waters. Her husband died in 1967 and Enid died a year later. on 28 November 1968, aged 71. She was cremated at the Golders Green Crematorium where her ashes remain till date..

Enid Blyton as a Writer

Enid Blyton writes simple prose that endears itself to young children. The language is simple and the sentences well crafted for young boys and girls. The book has some lovely descriptions which show the love of children for animals. Out of nearly 600 books written by Enid Blyton, this book has a niche of its own and reveals what a master craftswoman, Enid Blyton was. Who could relate a simple tale and infuse it with life? The fact that she wrote over 600 books is testimony to her prodigious talent


No review of Enid Blyton’s books is complete without reference to the controversies surrounding her writings. Many times her books were banned in public libraries as she made comments that were racist like referring to a Negro “as a black with soot”. From 1995 onwards her books have been reissued after editing

Where do we place Enid Blyton now in the 21st century? The fact remains that her books have sold over 600 million copies and from 2000 to 2010 she was still listed in the top ten selling author list, having sold books worth £31.2m in the UK alone.

Her book “The Magic Faraway Book” was voted no 66 in the BBC Big Read rankings. In 2008 she was awarded the title of Britain’s best-loved author by Costa Book Awards.