Mini Dinosaurs Stegosaurus Dinosaur Book Reviewed

A Review of the Mini Dinosaurs Stegosaurus Dinosaur Book

It is often quite a task to find a suitable dinosaur book for kids, when looking for something to help them with their reading. Many parents try to encourage young children to develop a love of books by encouraging them to read books about subjects that they have a natural affinity for. Many children under three years of age develop an interest in and a fascination for dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, so finding a book about dinosaurs aimed especially at their age group can be a real boon for parents. The Mini Dinosaurs Stegosaurus book is a delightful little hardback that ticks all the boxes as far as parents and very young dinosaur fans are concerned. After all, a book that features a purple Stegosaurus is bound to be well received by very young palaeontologists.

Part of a Set of Dinosaur Reading Books aimed at Very Young Children

This book is part of a set of dinosaur inspired books all aimed at children from approximately three years of age and upwards. As the pages are turned a question about the dinosaur Stegosaurus is presented. The text is printed in a very clear, large, black font so very young children can easily make out the words and work out what the sentence is. Parents and grandparents can read through the book with their young charges, turning the pages to discover what questions are being posed about this particular armoured dinosaur from the Late Jurassic. The answers can be found by lifting a flap, part of the animal’s body such as the plate covered back, the legs or the famous tail with its set of spikes on its end. The adult can read through the book with the child, lifting the flap to reveal the answer to the question posed on that page about Stegosaurus. For instance, one of the questions presented is why did Stegosaurus have big feet? By lifting up the front leg of the picture of the Stegosaurus on that page, the answer is revealed. There is even a little more information to be found on the inside face of each answer flap, this helps the grown-up to explain the answer to the child and provides some facts about Stegosaurus to support the information given.

A Purple Stegosaurus

The bright purple, friendly Stegosaurus certainly appeals to very young children, and the tough hardback cover means that the book can be wiped clean should any sticky hands touch it. The spine of the book is quite thick and this makes it easy to grip, especially helpful when young children try to use the book on their own. Best of all, in the final section of this book there is a large, purple Stegosaurus cut-out for the children to unfold. By pulling the middle portion of the Stegosaurus drawing towards them and unfurling the tail a large stand-up drawing of a Stegosaurus is revealed.

A Well-designed Dinosaur Book For Young Readers

The book has been carefully thought about by the design team and the publishers and it makes an ideal “my first dinosaur book” for a budding dinosaur enthusiast. The simple layout and easy to read text will encourage children with their reading and word recognition and the fun questions and answers are based on what scientists think they know about this long extinct member of the Dinosauria. Recommended for children from three years plus, a very suitable dinosaur book for kids.

Book Review of "Roxaboxen"

I almost cried was I read “Roxaboxen”, written by Alice McLerran and illustrated by Barbara Cooney. It was such a sweet story and reminded me of my own childhood play with friends.

In the back of the book, the background behind the story the author shared that it came from her mother’s childhood. She did research from relatives, former residents and childhood papers. It was located to be at Second Avenue and Eighth Street in Yuma, Arizona.

As a new resident of Yuma, I had to see the site as well. Sure enough, it’s there and has been preserved as a neighborhood historical site. It wouldn’t mean much to you if you hadn’t read the book once you have, you can envision children at play. It is a rugged hill with just a bunch of boulders and rocks. A sidewalk, benches and sign have been added.

In the story, children built a town using smooth rocks and colored glass. They elected a mayor. Sticks became horses to ride. They had Wild West adventures. They pretended there was a river. Rocks became play money for currency used in pretend stores made from old wooden crates. They made a graveyard for lizard. They sucked honey from Ocotillo blossoms.

One gray-haired man recalled fond memories as he picked up a rock on a beach. Fifty years later, the woman who the story was about returned and found the rocks still there.

When I went to see the site, I didn’t see a chassis, graveyard or wooden crates. I did see the rocks and outlines of the towns in the story. The area is a low-income, industrial, run down one. Yuma is a true old west town. It is being developed and snow birds inhabit the Foothills area but it is still open enough to appreciate the history behind it. You can see mountains all around for miles.

As I recall my own childhood adventures, I can envision these children at play. They would not have been wealthy. They remind me of “The Little Rascals” that we emulated. They also remind me of “Peter Pan”.

Children are the same from generation to generation, worldwide. There is an innocence in childhood that we lose as adults but is always there for us to draw from when we are ready to return to it. In this case, it is fortunate for us that it has been preserved. I plan on reading the story to my grandchildren and taking them to the site when they are a little older.

Children’s Literature Modern Fairy Tales and Fables – A Review of the Sisters Grimm

What was old is new again! In the book series The Sisters Grimm the writer Michael Buckley has reinvented all the old fairy tales and fables. Sabrina and her sister Daphne Grimm discover a whole new world within their own world as fairy tale and fable characters walk the streets like normal people in the town where their grandmother lives.

There are eight books out so far with the ninth one due out in May. The adventure starts out with the two sisters becoming orphans when their parents suddenly go missing. After a few foster homes they are sent to live with a grandmother they never knew they had. This is when they learn the family secret, the family business and the family legacy. They are descendants of the original Grimm brothers who wrote all those old fairy tales which turn out to be real stories. Their grandmother teaches them how to be detectives, that’s the family business, and how to solve the mysteries they encounter on a daily basis.

I don’t want to give too much of the story away for those of you who haven’t read the books (I do have a tendency to do that) but the sisters have many adventures and nearly get killed several times. The Big Bad Wolf is their grandmother’s best friend and body guard, Snow White is a teacher in the school they attend she also teaches a self defense class which includes martial arts, Prince Charming is the Mayor of the town (for a while), the Three Little Pigs are the sheriff and deputies in the town (for a while), Puck (the trickster king) is their grandmother’s adopted grandson, the Scarecrow (from the Wizard of Oz) is the town librarian and Robin Hood is a lawyer!

• Book 1 – Fairy Tale Detectives

• Book 2 – The Unusual Suspects

• Book 3 – The Problem Child

• Book 4 – Once Upon a Crime

• Book 5 – Magic and Misdemeanors

• Book 6 – Tales From the Hood

• Book 7 – The Everafter War

• Book 8 – The Inside Story

• Book 9 – (Due out in May 2012) The Council of Mirrors

The reading level for these books is listed as age eight and up or third grade and up. I’m glad they put the up because I love them and I’m up there pretty far. These are great books for young readers and the rest of us because they allow us to get swept up in fun adventures and really enjoy reading children’s literature. These are fun, the story is easy to keep up with and the characters are really well done!